Beautiful Skin!

The foods you should eat to have Beautiful Skin

Including the following foods in your daily diet will improve your overall health and help slow down the skin’s aging process.

Foods rich in antioxidants

  • Vitamin C – Bell peppers, kiwi, broccoli, tomatoes, pineapple, watercress
  • Vitamin E – Whole grain cereals, nuts, seeds, spinach
  • Carotenoids – Carrots, apricots, butternut squash, sweet potato, orange, yellow and red peppers
  • Flavonoids – Black and green tea, berries, garlic, citrus, parsley, thyme,
  • Zinc – Seafood, lean beef, lamb, pork, pumpkin seeds, nuts, black pepper
  • Selenium – Brazil nuts, lean beef, turkey, chicken, eggs, mushrooms, tuna

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Food  – Salmon, sardines, mackerel, walnuts, flaxseeds                       “Good Fats” Food   –   Avocado, coconut, coconut oil, butter

Sunlight and Skin                                                                                                                                          When out in the sunshine, sunbathe safely do not get sunburnt! Use protective sunscreen. However, be aware that sun exposure to the skin is the most natural, effective source of Vitamin D. Having sufficient amounts of this essential hormone is paramount to living a long healthy life. So, try to get 20 minutes of sun exposure daily without sunscreen.

Nutritious skincare                                                                                                                                  Remember that healthy skin is beautiful skin. Your skin is a mirror of what is going on inside your body. Every six weeks your epidermis completely replaces itself so make those changes and let your skin reflect your good health with beautiful, clear healthy skin. It will build confidence, give radiance, renewed self-assurance and revelation of your inner beauty. Today, start to restore your skins integrity by including the foods and drinks that the skin loves. So as you bite into your food think about loving your skin and make those beautiful choices…. be comfortable in your own skin!