Nutritional Therapy

What Is Nutritional Therapy?

Functional Nutritional therapy uses current science and evidence-based research to prevent disease, alleviate illness and promote optimal health. It identifies and treats the root cause of a health problem, not just the symptoms. It takes into consideration the web-like connections of all bodily systems and recognises each person as an individual, working with their own unique physiology.

It uses carefully chosen dietary recommendations, nutritional supplements and lifestyle advice to help maintain or restore health to the body and the mind. These recommendations are professionally tailored to each person’s individual requirements and goals and are suitable for all ages and conditions.

It works very well alongside conventional medicine . It enables you to feel and look better by making the right food choices and  gives you the tools to help make healthy choices in the future.

Nutritional therapy is about what you can eat, more than what you can’t. It is about finding foods that you enjoy and making small, easy, sustainable changes to your diet in an achievable way.

You will be surprised at the differences you can experience from making small changes. You will be provided with practical advice, recipes and ongoing support to help make these changes that promote optimum health.                             

There are 3 stages › in a Nutritional Therapy Consultation                                                                                                                                                                                       Questionnaire  – Complete  a questionnaire with your medical history and a three day food diary and return it at least three days before the consultation  

First consultation  –  One hour                                                                                                              Agreed tailor-made protocol that fits in with lifestyle, budget, dietary preferences that addresses health concerns. It will include fact sheets, recipes, sample menu plans and supplements, if required

Follow up consultation  –  45 mins                                                                                                             A review of progress of your nutritional protocol and introduction of further changes, if necessary


All your personal information is kept strictly confidential.                                                        

Further consultations may be required depending on the health issue and your progress.